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Best of the Web (for your spirit) March 10, 2010

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Every now and then I’ll post a website I think is inspiring, compelling and contributing something good to this world.

Current pick:


The Third and the Seventh
A film by Alex Roman

Vimeo is a great site filled with artistic videos submitted by users. This one is a magical, architectural journey that looks so real it’s hard to believe it’s entirely CG.

Definitely best to watch it full screen.

Enjoy 🙂


Best of the Web (for your spirit) February 24, 2010

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Every now and then I’ll post a website I think is inspiring, compelling and contributing something good to this world.

Current pick:


The Quit List
1000 ideas worth quitting

This site started recently so it’s a good time to bookmark it and read it daily. It’s counting down to #1 thing worth quitting.

My favorite is  #944 – Quit Beating Yourself Up

Feel free to share a website you like.

The Truth Behind Our Fear February 16, 2010

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The theme for this week is about facing our shadow self, our deepest fears so I thought I would talk a bit about what’s at the root of our fear.

What is your deepest fear? Are you afraid to die or be alone? Are you afraid of something but don’t know what it is?

Many people who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety have a general fear they can’t pinpoint (myself included). Anxiety disorders of any sort can often be traced back to childhood and/or a traumatic event. How you develop in  your mothers womb plays a vital role in how your nervous system and brain develops. If your mother was under high stress or went through something traumatic herself while she was pregnant with you, that naturally effects your own development. After you are born other factors play a role such as your environment and how you were treated.

Growing up with abuse of any kind or lack of love or a high stress environment will effect your development. This is where your self esteem, confidence, and sense of safety is nurtured. If these basic needs aren’t met, you automatically develop self defense mechanisms for protection…one of these is never feeling safe and secure, never being able to trust and this leads to anxiety.

Fear comes back to lack of trust, not trusting yourself and not trusting the universe…trust is something that’s developed in childhood. A major part in overcoming anxiety and fear is healing childhood wounds and learning to trust again.

Effective methods for managing anxiety and fears:

  • Diet and exercise–  this is obvious but often overlooked. Stimulants like caffeine, nicotine and sugar can increase anxiety
  • Meditation and yoga – both of these methods help to calm the nervous system and help you connect to your higher self, the self that is undamaged and always trusting
  • Positive thinking – this takes work, it’s hard to break a lifelong habit of negative thinking however it can be done with daily effort
  • Avoid negative people – (I call them negatrons) they will bring you down with them. It’s important to surround yourself with supportive, positive people as it will help strengthen and nurture your self esteem and outlook
  • Learn new things – stimulate your mind by learning new things each day. One good way to educate yourself is to read non-fiction about anything that interests you
  • Avoid drama – pick your battles and know when to stay out of things. A constant need for drama is a lack of focus and passion in your own life, think about what gets your juices flowing and nurture your passion

These are just a few suggestions to help you understand and overcome fear. This is a personal journey and one that will take time so be patient and loving with yourself. It’s like losing weight, it’s not enough to workout once and hope that’s enough, it takes a daily effort to get results…and just like with losing weight, you see results along the way and that keeps you motivated.

10 Ways You Might be Giving Your Power Away January 29, 2010

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Over the past couple of years I’ve been forced to face my fears, each time it came down to how I was giving my power away and not standing confident in my own skin. Many of us do things that drain us of our life force; we give our power away without even realizing we’re doing it.

1. Being a martyr

The martyr is the one who sees themselves as the saviour, the only one who steps in when no one else seems to care, sacrificing themselves for someone in need.

Some of you might think it’s not only good but admirable to give up your own life for the sake of another…it’s not. You aren’t going to help someone who doesn’t want to be helped and you definitely aren’t going to help someone by weakening yourself. It doesn’t mean you walk away from someone who’s in distress and needs help, but at some point enough is enough.

I find that people who do this put themselves in a situation that mirrors a past conflict or personal pain. The belief behind it being this time they can make it right and it will exonerate them from their own pain, like a karmic debt however it never works out that way. Worry about yourself and let others walk their chosen path…. sometimes people need to come to things on their own time, in their own way and it’s important to discern when not to interfere.

2. Feeling guilty

Guilt is one of the most draining, disempowering emotion there is, it has its purposes but most often it’s used a tool of manipulation. If someone is trying to make you feel guilty about something you enjoy, don’t listen to them! They have no right to tell you how to live your life, everyone has their own idea about what they consider good or bad but it comes down to what’s right for you. As long as you aren’t hurting yourself or another person and it makes you happy then have at it, let others mind their own business.

How I handle these people is to smile and nod and say “thank you I will take that into consideration” and change the subject. The exception to this is if several people are confronting you about a situation, perhaps you should listen.

3. Obsessing over someone’s bad behavior

Some people are assholes…period. In fact, some people get off on making other people miserable, and they aren’t going to change. Constantly complaining about their bad behavior, talking about it with anyone who will listen and feeling victimized by them is like bowing down at their feet and calling them master.

Ignore them, don’t engage…no matter how tempting it is, don’t engage! Ignore them completely and they’ll move on.

4. Believing someone else has the power to make you feel whole/sane/worthy/happy/alive

There is no man or woman who can save you from yourself.

There isn’t anyone you can’t live without.

There isn’t anyone who completes you.

You don’t need anyone to stand on your own two feet and feel strong.

Sometimes someone comes along who sweep us off our feet, we feel energized and like the sun rises and sets just for the two of us. There’s nothing wrong with passion as long as it’s kept in check. Don’t let someone else take over your heart and mind no matter how intoxicating….you can enjoy your own company; you don’t need someone else to feel alive.

The other way we give our power away is by giving someone else all of the credit for our own personal achievements. Catch yourself when you say things like “I couldn’t have done it without them”… yes you could have. Be grateful for the support however take credit for your own accomplishments!

5. Feeling sorry for yourself or someone else

Pity is disempowering; you don’t help anyone by giving them your pity. Give love, give encouragement, give support and compassion but not pity. To pity someone is like taking a vacuum hose and sucking the life right out of them. The same goes for yourself, feeling sorry for yourself does nothing other than keep you stuck, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t grieve or feel hurt it means stop feeling like a victim and get proactive.

6. Allowing others to make decisions and/or speak for you

Whether it’s low self-esteem, laziness, not enough time or energy it’s not an excuse for allowing others to run your life. You have it within you to make a good decision, you can do the research, you can use your own intuition, you don’t need someone else to make all of your decisions….stand up for yourself, speak up, don’t let others dominate you.

If you continue to allow others to run your life, ask yourself; do you enjoy living as a slave?

7. Believing everything is love and light, kittens and rainbows

This is disempowering  because denying an essential part of your being is to live in fear of your own nature…. we all have a dark side- we all get angry, we all can be pushed to violent reactions and we all have thoughts that we wouldn’t want anyone to know about…it’s called being human. Life is both dark and light, if you don’t embrace and accept your dark side and the dark side of life you become weak and a victim.

The lion eats the baby gazelle and the mother grieves, but if the lion didn’t eat the gazelle her cubs would starve…that’s just life.

8. Being a doormat

It’s not selfish to say no, you have a right to live your own life and do your own thing. There is no good reason to constantly do what other people tell you to do without question. You’re not being cruel by refusing to put yourself out for someone else. Don’t allow others to walk all over you.

You know what a doormat is for? Cleaning the dirt off the bottom of shoes, don’t let other people wipe their shit on you.

9. Worship

There is not a single person on this planet deserving of your worship. To worship someone is to believe they are better than you, they have something you don’t have, they have something you’re lacking…there  is no guru, priest, rabbi, celebrity, motivational speaker, man woman or child you should ever bow down to or look up to. Nobody knows the secrets of the universe, nobody has all of the answers, nobody is better than you and to worship another is lowering yourself to a subordinate level.

There’s nothing wrong with loving someone’s work and being inspired by them…just know they aren’t greater than you. We each have our own unique gifts and each of us adds something special to this world.

10. Taking the easy way out

It’s easier to follow status quo and do what’s expected, or what’s the least challenging but it deadens your soul. You’re here to fulfill a mission and it’s your mission alone.

How many times have you found yourself giving too much energy to something that’s insignificant? Shying away from our fears is giving our power away because strength comes from overcoming challenges and obstacles. Strength comes from facing our fears head on until we are no longer afraid.

Recognize where you might be giving your power away and take steps to change. The result will be feeling your inner fire and walking tall and strong on your own path.

What’s On Your Mind? January 20, 2010

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Take a moment to look at this tiger….

Happily sleeping in the snow, restful and content.

This tiger could either feel cold, miserable and a victim of the snow…or the tiger can enjoy this winter wonderland and have sweet dreams….it’s all a matter of perspective and how the tiger chooses to react to his/her circumstances.

I realized this morning -while feeling like I was being squeezed through a tight hole trying to find daylight-  that I take things far too seriously. As soon as that thought bubbled up I was standing in the daylight, the hole was just my heavy, constricting thoughts limiting my view. What sparked that thought? A picture of several elderly men running a marathon laughing and being silly, a whole lifetime of things they could dwell  upon and feel bad about…instead they chose to enjoy their life.

Many of us get caught in the mind trap, thinking endlessly about what we don’t have, what we need, where we should be by now or what went wrong in the past and on and on it goes. It isn’t until we shift our focus on to what we do have, where we are right now, what is going right in our lives and how grateful we are to just be here, that we see the beauty of it all and feel peace.

So many out there are seeking enlightenment, searching for meaning, reading hundreds of books in desperate search for the secret to happiness when all it takes is to change your mind and your attitude.

It’s a practice- undoing a way of thinking takes patience and perseverance and it’s a lifetime commitment.

Catch yourself today thinking negative thoughts and shut them down, go back to the image of the peaceful tiger sleeping in the snow… then think about something that makes you happy, something in your life right now…smile.

I will do the same.

Take care

Intentions Heals Project Results Now Available November 26, 2009

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Adam is a world famous healer and author. He created the Intention Heals Project as a way to scientifically prove that intentions influence our health and wellness.

Using a volunteer named Christine, he had people sign up via the website to conduct an experiment where those who participated sent specific intentions to Christine. Christine didn’t know when this would occur, they monitored her by EEG.

From the website:

“The primary goal of the Global Intention Heals Project is to further understand the influence of group intention on human physiology. At a specific time Adam instructed all participants to focus their intentions on influencing Christine’s brainwaves. Adam had created a video clip of a specific visualization to be used by all participants, which included her photograph and some personal details about her. The visualization consisted of lightning bolts hitting the top of Christine’s head and creating activity in her brain. After the intention interval the participants were all instructed to stop thinking about Christine. Here is a summary of the research findings.

The study was conducted by Dr. Sheldon Lewkis R.Psych, research coordinator,  Data processing and interpretation: Jay Gunkelman of Q-Pro and clinical electroneurophysiology technologist: Ted Rennie .

“EEG was recorded during several baseline conditions and during a ten minute (eyes closed) intention interval in which many thousands of participants (close to ten thousand are confirmed) throughout the world were instructed to stimulate activity in the subject’s brain using a visualizing of lightning bolts passing through the subject’s brain and moving down through their body towards the feet and into the ground or a visualization of their own choice; with this group intention being mediated by Adam.  The subject was unaware when her EEG was recorded for the intention interval.  The data was edited and analyzed with blinding as to which EEG records represented baselines and which represented the intervention interval.  During all phases of EEG recording the subject was physically and in terms of electronic communication devices remote from Adam and all participants sending intentions in the study.

Several intriguing differences have been found in comparing quantitative EEG results between the eyes closed baseline recording period and the eyes closed intention interval. These differences are summarized as follows:

To see the results and read the rest of this article visit Adam’s Intention Heals Project website: http://www.intentionheals.com/component/content/article/72

Biorhythms October 25, 2009

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bioryhtymAre you feeling under the weather today? Maybe feeling a bit blue, lacking in energy or unable to think clearly? It may be related to your biorhythms. Biorhythms measure the rhythmic cycles of our emotional, physical and intellectual states starting from birth. There are secondary measurement of wisdom, passion and mastery which are an average of the primary rhythms. Each measurement ranges from +100 which is the most optimal to -100 which is when you are at your weakest. When the line passes 0 it’s considered a critical day where you can be prone to accidents, poor decisions and moodiness, some say it’s a period of 3 days surrounding the 0 point.

This morning I woke up feeling lack of energy and emotions a bit all over the place, wondering why I felt like this I checked my biorhythm.  It showed my physical line at -100, my emotional line at near 0 and intellectual reaching 0. This helped me to understand why I feel the way I do and gives me permission to be lazy today as my body isn’t in the mood for too much activity.

Here are two links where you can check your rhythms, the first link is simple to read and understand and allows you to pick any date in the future. The second link is more accurate as you enter your birth place and time.



Fear Mongering October 21, 2009

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sky is fallingI’m Canadian, I live on the border of the US and therefore get a lot of their news and programming. I can’t help but notice how frightened Americans are all the time (I won’t even bother commenting on the irrational socialized medicine fear). Canadians aren’t exactly fear free but our news is different,  for example- a news station in Washington reports their weather with this ominous, frightening graphic in the background with the words “Severe weather center” above it while they are reporting sunny skies. We laugh about that but at the same time it’s a telling sign of our times.

I live in a big city and I don’t lock my door, I do lock it if I’m going out for more than a few hours but I don’t lock it while I’m home in the day. However my Texas raised family will bolt the front door even when there is a party going on, this baffles the rest of us. It’s more likely that I’d get hit by a car crossing the street than someone breaking into my house while I’m home. It’s a rare occurrence, the news might make it out to be more than that but we know that’s just fear mongering.

Now we have one armageddon movie after another, television specials are put out on how to survive a nuclear war…what is this fascination with destruction and chaos? Why are so many of us waiting for a huge disaster to wipe us out? Isn’t our thoughts better suited to happy things and trying to make life happier for everyone?

I said before Canada isn’t exactly fear free, we have our monsters in the closet. For example (and this is something Canadians don’t like to admit to Americans) we secretly fear them. We’re worried that war thirsty country is going to invade Canada and occupy it one day. When Bush was in we were convinced this would happen, and we aren’t the only ones- many of our European friends think it’s likely one day the U.S will declare war with Canada. (Remember the second time Bush got in and those like Michael Moore said they wanted to join the blue states with Canada calling it the “United States of Canada” um…sorry it would just be Canada…and this worried us) But this isn’t healthy, Canadians want a good relationship with the U.S, we love their cities and in many ways we’re like them; we’re both new countries with a wide variety of cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

Perhaps we need a few more years to get over this addiction to drama, maybe in 2013 when the world hasn’t ended and the birds are still singing ,we’ll finally stop obsessing about doomsday. Maybe instead we’ll focus on how all of us can work together to create a better life for our global community.

This is my wish.

Ascension Anxiety October 3, 2009

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ostrichMany of us are going through an ascension process, this is when we start to vibrate and function at a higher frequency. During this transition things come up for us to release because we can’t go further until we let go of the old. This creates painful transitions such as anxiety, depression, body aches, fatigue and other issues that are challenging. It’s difficult right now, we’ve been put through the wringer this year and right now the feelings of uncertainty is maddening. I frequently want to just put my head in the sand so I don’t have to deal with this anymore.

Of course we can’t do that, we have to face it. This doesn’t mean we can’t blow off some steam with a fun night out. We can’t always be digging through the internal muck, we do need a break and part of working on ourselves is cutting loose and having some fun.

I believe it’s important to balance ourselves out with little indulgences like good laughs, good friends, a good movie, good chocolate- anything to lighten up and enjoy ourselves.

So go out tonight and have some fun!

Addicted to Critisism? October 1, 2009

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critics3When we want to see a movie or try a new restaurant we first read what the critics have to say, bad review and we may not go. Book reviews, art reviews, music reviews…all it takes is one bad review to ruin someones career. We tend to judge people on these criticisms, someone says Joe is an idiot and then you may turn around and tell a friend that you heard Joe is an idiot and pretty soon poor Joe has a bad rep based on one persons review.

I don’t know which is worse; listening to criticism as though it’s the truth or constantly criticizing. We’re all guilty of this to some degree however we never stop to think of the implications. Criticism hurts. It hurts businesses, it hurts relationships and it hurts you. When we constantly scrutinize and criticize ourselves and others it’s hard for our true, authentic self to show through and it’s hard to have a true, authentic relationship with anyone else.

It’s time we all stop and think before we dish out the negativity towards ourselves or others. I challenge all of us to look for only the good things- try hard to see the positives for at least for one week and purpously go to a movie, show, restaurant that got a bad review and look for the good in it.

Take Care