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Have You Been Seeing Number Sequences Like 808, 909 and 919? April 27, 2010

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Want to know what one of the top search terms people used to find my blog this past month?

“What is the meaning of 555,909, 919”

One morning in March I kept waking up every hour and looking at the clock  6:06 then 7:07 then 8:08 and I finally got up at 9:09…by the time I made breakfast and did my morning things I looked at the clock 10:10, opened my email to see a new email sent by a client at 11:11.

Ever since I often look at the clock at it will be 9:09 then I will look again and it will be 9:19 or 8:08 or 8:18. I also see 555 on an almost regular basis and 888,999 and 000. The other thing I see daily is descending and ascending numbers.

These numbers will mean different things for different people however when several are seeing the same sequence of numbers at the same time it’s an activation of sorts. A message coming through.

I feel it’s a message that things (old paradigms) are coming to an end, a BIG end! Since January we’ve had massive earthquakes and crazy things happening with incredible frequency….to me these numbers mean, hang on we are on the right path, all is good and be prepared for change.

555 for me is a number I really don’t like to see, it always means I will get sick or something in my body will break. However what this number really means is change; energy is coming through that is sweeping change and that will effect us on a cellular level which is why the body can break down during these changes, especially when we aren’t in the best physical condition.

Descending numbers are the same thing, a warning of low energy and to be aware. I almost always see descending numbers in the early evening and it’s usually followed with me not feeling great.

Ascending numbers are a wonderful treat for me, it means good stuff is on it’s way and it never disappoints. Often I will see ascending numbers right after I see descending numbers as if the universe is saying, things might be a bit tough right now but chin up, it’s all good.

Right now it’s hailing very hard outside (so much for my newly planted herb garden) and it’s sunny at the same time…it’s rare that it hails here, especially in April and this spring we’ve had November type wind storms and spring in January…it’s all backwards and upside down…but it’s all good 🙂

Take Care



1. dennis - November 10, 2010

I am glad that you posted this. I too keep seeing numbers in sequences but not like most that are posted on the net i.e. 1111, 222, 444 etc. mine goes the same as yours like 646, 909, 818 etc. at times i get to see repeating numbers like 1111 or 444 but not so much as the other ones. I don’t know how to start to make sense of it and everywhere I looked on the net there’s always something that turns me off i.e. angel guidance, etc. I am really not sure about all that.
What i’ve noticed though is that i seem to be going through a fork in a road and my body and mind have been wanting a change. I don’t know what kind of change but definitely something totally different than my now.
I may not be happy is what i truly fear. I don’t know…i am rambling. but if you have found other sites explaining about this “phenomenon” please let me know. I want to know if i am truly being guided to a certain path or being warned…

2. Luke Lowrey - December 28, 2010

I have consistently seen the number 808 when I look at the clock. Its usually makes me feel like i’m on a track and have little control over where I am going, or its assurance I have made the right decision.

3. Andra - February 4, 2011

Hi all. I really need your help. For some time now I’ve been seeing the 808 sequence a lot. Like Dennis I’ve searched high and low on the Internet and found info that it’s infinity, guiding angels, change and according to the Bible disorganization and destruction. Does anyone out there have a clear and precise explanation of this number. I had a numerology reading and was told I have a master number – 11. Could this have a bearing on the number 808? Please help!

4. Dan - February 13, 2011

i keep on seeing the number 808, i am a filipino. whenever i spoke of this experience no one believes me except for my gf…. every time i touch my phone the clock is in 8:08 or when i see my watch its 8:08… and when im in the road i would see plate numbers with 808… or some signages with that number… its always that number and i dont know what it means… i keep on searching in the net, but still im not satisfied with those information about messages of angels and an end to relationship or something…

Tim - December 15, 2011

Let me know if you find an answer. I have been seeing 8:08 for years. I, too, am not satisfied with the answers.

5. Mark - May 16, 2011

For all those interested in the MESSAGE PROMPTS… and their meanings… you can find explanations to all the sequences in:
‘ANGEL NUMBERS’ by Doreen Virtue.
She explains what the prompts mean listed by numbers 1 thru 999. Their is a definite reason why people all over the world are getting number prompts… and there is nothing bad in any of these recurring numerical prompts you may be receiving. Please look at the book… many of the messages (number prompts you are getting) are to remind us to keep our thoughts and intentions ALWAYS POSITIVE…

6. Mark - May 16, 2011

Book I mentioned above is: ANGEL NUMBERS 101 by DOREEN VIRTUE.

Just google it and take a look for yourself. Hope this helps.

john nelson - April 17, 2012

Please, Doreen Virtue, is out to make money, not to give sound advise…When I first started seeing numbers, thats where I went. Now that I have educated myself on this topic…there is no way, I would send people to her sites. She is so far out there..she thinks all these numbers are positive…and they are not! Some are some very serious warnings..she does not have one definition of a number, that is a warning. Simply put…she is soooo wrong, and she is taking advantage of people who are blowed away by these syncronisities, and trying to profit from their fears and/or anxieties..much love

kimona - December 6, 2013

Thank you so much for that info its a BIG help


7. THEDIJITALDJ (@THEDIJITALDJ) - September 23, 2011

I keep seeing 919. 808 sometimes too I noticed, but 919 everywhere not just the clock. Yesterday it was the beginning of an ip address. I have researched and there are a few consistencies saying that it means the end of something and the beginning of something new. Hopefully good. I love blogs like this. I know there are many others that see these numbers I wish they would write about it…

Anonymous - April 22, 2012

I see 919 all the time not only the clock but in homes addresses in a movie, on paperwork… generally anywhere! Did anyone find more meanings

8. Paula - November 4, 2011

For a very long time I have been seeing the numbers, 818…which also is the month and day I was born. I will be getting ready for work in the morning, will glance at the clock and it’s 8:18. At night while watching TV I might pause the show, come back to finish watching it and realize that I paused it at 8:18. I will also see this combination of numbers at other places as well. Strange….

9. M. Marie - January 2, 2012

my name is Mmarie for past two years any time I look at the clock and its in the eighth hour it is 8:08! My favorite number is 7 …so when I add 8+0+8=16 then I add 6+1=7…I’m unsure how numerology works but for me to understand a reason as to why maybe I’m seeing the number so often that is what I came up with to ease my mind about these odd occurrences?!… My lucky number 7… I’m glad I’m not the only one who goes through this I see no one really has same conclusion to their own experiences and I’m going to keep doing research on these types of situation and the number 808 to find out its meaning other than what I came up with.
I hope everyone as well as myself finds what they are looking for and share their experiences for the other people out there who are sharing these same experiences!

10. Rapture Captured! - March 5, 2012

My husband and I see 919 on the digital clock so many times – it’s also the radio station we listen to, but seems when we’re in the car, almost every time – morning (yesterday it was on the way to church!), last week it was in the evening on the way home from friends!!! This has been going on for several years – we thought the rapture was going to happen on 919 about 3 years ago (or was it 2?) when 919 was the Rosh Hashanah Festival (which is the Feast of Trumpets – and that is what is going to happen @ the rapture – the LAST TRUMPET OF GOD is going to sound, calling all the REDEEMED of the LORD to awaken (if they have fallen asleep in the Lord) to come up to the clouds to meet Him, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus, the Son of God); so, we are wondering if it DOES have a spiritual meaning since we see it so often…..only time will tell!!!

11. i constantly keep seeing the number 808. At first i just thought it was a coincidence but its been going on for almost two years now. When i look at the time mourning or evening, the time will be 8:08. I can miss a phone call and its at 8:08. I watch tv a - April 11, 2012


12. Anonymous - July 20, 2012

I am with the rest of you. I keep seeing 808 on clocks, on advertisements, I seen it on a menu at papa johns, on license plates, everywhere! I have been trying to find the reason behind and have had no success.

13. Anonymous - July 20, 2012

I am also going to be staioned in Hawaii, which is area code 808.

14. John Nelson - September 11, 2012

Wow it is 919 as I read this!

15. Ken - November 28, 2012

I too have always seen 808. I noticed it began happening after my grandmother passed. But like most on here I see it on everything. One of the craziest events I was taking a shower and just happened to glance at a shampoo bottle and in the numbers of the UPC code was… yes 808! I have multiple photos of all the numbers I see, it’s pretty remarkable. I hope you all find the answer, if you do let me know.

Anonymous - May 4, 2013

I have been seeing 808’s for years. Odd thing is, I was born at 8:08 AM… they bring me much comfort, but am always curious to know more about them, as all of you are! Cant seem to find anything. They appear anywhere from bank balances, to clock, license plates, back of book number codes… man, they are everywhere. Wanna explain this? haha

16. noname - May 6, 2013

Funny….I was born 9/19 and those numbers come up everywhere throughout my entire life, thus far. I see it EVERYWHERE. I am positive it has something Spiritual to it. Maybe Jesus will let me in on it one day…

17. Ray - July 10, 2013

Ok pepole you need to move out of the I don’t know stage and wake up. These numbers are codes!!! That’s why they find you were ever you are no matter what your doing! After sex it doesn’t care you have to be prompt. Ok we have DNA and these codes are awaking our Junk DNA at the same time these numbers guide you.
Mundane people don’t inner or overstand that out planets are aware of them self with full consciousness just like our Earth. The sun is a generator of reality that’s were these numbers come from and that’s why you see chem trails so put two and two together and you see that everything is information. That’s why it’s cloudy at this moment were I live because the sun sends us information!! How do you think plants grow?

18. Pete - July 31, 2013

Yes i also see 808 .In fact this is my employee # at work .I have pointed this out to my wife when these strange happenings occur and she is also surprised .with so many people seeing this it must have meaning .Hope somone can crack this code

Anonymous - August 16, 2013

My 18yr old was born at 808 and I have been seeing this nmbr over and over for 16 Yea now. I am at wits end to what this means

19. juan - August 18, 2013

I see 808 almost everyday when I check my phone it says 808pm, I showed my brother so much times he told me not to anymore. But I still see it. And idk if this has anything to do with it but my adress is and has been for ten yyears 808! Please help

20. Anonymous - October 15, 2013

i remember bout a year ago i was out riding my bike i was pretty drunk stopped to get gas gave the guy w/e change i had laying around, i filled my tank for 1.11 and got 3.33 back

21. Jasmin - November 26, 2013

Numbers like 303, 606, 707, 808, 909 are all over everywhere I look right now and yeah same with 12:34. I will pick the most random time to look at a clock and sure enough, I rarely miss it. I live at 303, so does my best friend, my other best friend at 404. My phone number is 606 my boyfriends 808, 707 is northern california where we stayed for two months this year. Whatever these numbers are telling me, I’m trying to listen!

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