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How to Tell the Difference Between True Positive Thinking and Sugar Coating March 15, 2010

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I think many people, especially those used to negative thinking, regard positive thinking as sugar coating the truth.

The truth is; the world is what you make of it.

If all you see is shit then that’s all you’re going to see. Yes, there’s really horrible stuff happening in the world, but there’s also wonderful stuff too. What matters is where you put your focus.

Ever notice when you’re feeling in a good mood; you’re light on your feet, you listen to the birds singing and the children playing and you feel your heart is full, and you just want to share that with someone. Then you speak to a friend and they talk about how shitty things are, and maybe even get testy with you being in such a good mood when clearly there’s nothing to be happy about. You then feel deflated like someone letting the air out of a balloon, especially if that person you’re speaking with has an important role in your life.

Who is right, the one that sees the world as something to celebrate, or the one who sees the world is full of pain and suffering?

Well they both are but where you put your energy will either suck it out, or fill it up and that’s up to you.

Sugar coating is being in denial, pretending the bad stuff isn’t there. True positive thinking means knowing there’s suffering in the world and accepting it as a part of life, but choosing to focus on what’s good instead.

In your personal life it means accepting the hardships you’ve had in your life, but choosing to be in the now enjoying what this moment has to offer you.

You have a right to be happy, to feel good, to be optimistic about the future and to have fun, that is your right because it’s your life…don’t allow others to influence your outlook with their own stuff.

Take some time out today to play and have some fun…you deserve it 🙂



1. confidencebooster - March 16, 2010

Thats brilliant! You know your stuff, denial and dismissal does not take the challenge away.

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3. confidencebooster - April 1, 2010

positive thinking can be sugar coating if you are not aware of where you need to change subconsciously.

4. Seth - October 29, 2010

But depression and pessimism is, on the same note, not necessarily seeing everything as negative, nor are we perpetually unhappy. We (when I say “we”, I’m assuming that many pessimists think this way) prefer to not ignore anything in life. We prefer to capture its negatives and its positive to create a rich and realistic portrait of life.

When you said that “we prefer to focus on the positives”, I took that as “we prefer to ignore the negatives”. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

5. Paula - October 13, 2011

Seth, I think what the writer means is to not allow the negative to make you lose sight of the positives; as in, don’t let the negative take over and prevent the light of the positive from shining through. Accept that the positive and negative are both there, but dwelling on the negative will only take you down. It’s seeing the glass as half full!

I love this blog entry ~ Thank you for making my day!!

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