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Best of the Web (for your spirit) February 24, 2010

Posted by wakingupgroggy in Best of the web.

Every now and then I’ll post a website I think is inspiring, compelling and contributing something good to this world.

Current pick:


The Quit List
1000 ideas worth quitting

This site started recently so it’s a good time to bookmark it and read it daily. It’s counting down to #1 thing worth quitting.

My favorite is  #944 – Quit Beating Yourself Up

Feel free to share a website you like.



1. Dean @The Quit List - March 7, 2010


One of my readers was kind of enough to let me know that you had posted this link on your site. I just wanted to pop by and thank you for that. It always amazes me when people I have never met take the time say something nice on my behalf. Ah the power of kindess!

Loved what you said as well in your latest post about animals being connected to the earth.

I finally went to see avatar last week. One of the themes of the story that really stood out for me was just that…the connection the blue people (dang I can’t remember their names) had with the earth and other living creatures. Lots of symbolism in this movie…once people get beyond the huge special effects.

Thanks again 🙂

wakingupgroggy - March 7, 2010

Your welcome…thanks for stopping by and all the best with your great site!

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