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What’s On Your Mind? January 20, 2010

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Take a moment to look at this tiger….

Happily sleeping in the snow, restful and content.

This tiger could either feel cold, miserable and a victim of the snow…or the tiger can enjoy this winter wonderland and have sweet dreams….it’s all a matter of perspective and how the tiger chooses to react to his/her circumstances.

I realized this morning -while feeling like I was being squeezed through a tight hole trying to find daylight-  that I take things far too seriously. As soon as that thought bubbled up I was standing in the daylight, the hole was just my heavy, constricting thoughts limiting my view. What sparked that thought? A picture of several elderly men running a marathon laughing and being silly, a whole lifetime of things they could dwell  upon and feel bad about…instead they chose to enjoy their life.

Many of us get caught in the mind trap, thinking endlessly about what we don’t have, what we need, where we should be by now or what went wrong in the past and on and on it goes. It isn’t until we shift our focus on to what we do have, where we are right now, what is going right in our lives and how grateful we are to just be here, that we see the beauty of it all and feel peace.

So many out there are seeking enlightenment, searching for meaning, reading hundreds of books in desperate search for the secret to happiness when all it takes is to change your mind and your attitude.

It’s a practice- undoing a way of thinking takes patience and perseverance and it’s a lifetime commitment.

Catch yourself today thinking negative thoughts and shut them down, go back to the image of the peaceful tiger sleeping in the snow… then think about something that makes you happy, something in your life right now…smile.

I will do the same.

Take care



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