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Intentions Heals Project Results Now Available November 26, 2009

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Adam is a world famous healer and author. He created the Intention Heals Project as a way to scientifically prove that intentions influence our health and wellness.

Using a volunteer named Christine, he had people sign up via the website to conduct an experiment where those who participated sent specific intentions to Christine. Christine didn’t know when this would occur, they monitored her by EEG.

From the website:

“The primary goal of the Global Intention Heals Project is to further understand the influence of group intention on human physiology. At a specific time Adam instructed all participants to focus their intentions on influencing Christine’s brainwaves. Adam had created a video clip of a specific visualization to be used by all participants, which included her photograph and some personal details about her. The visualization consisted of lightning bolts hitting the top of Christine’s head and creating activity in her brain. After the intention interval the participants were all instructed to stop thinking about Christine. Here is a summary of the research findings.

The study was conducted by Dr. Sheldon Lewkis R.Psych, research coordinator,  Data processing and interpretation: Jay Gunkelman of Q-Pro and clinical electroneurophysiology technologist: Ted Rennie .

“EEG was recorded during several baseline conditions and during a ten minute (eyes closed) intention interval in which many thousands of participants (close to ten thousand are confirmed) throughout the world were instructed to stimulate activity in the subject’s brain using a visualizing of lightning bolts passing through the subject’s brain and moving down through their body towards the feet and into the ground or a visualization of their own choice; with this group intention being mediated by Adam.  The subject was unaware when her EEG was recorded for the intention interval.  The data was edited and analyzed with blinding as to which EEG records represented baselines and which represented the intervention interval.  During all phases of EEG recording the subject was physically and in terms of electronic communication devices remote from Adam and all participants sending intentions in the study.

Several intriguing differences have been found in comparing quantitative EEG results between the eyes closed baseline recording period and the eyes closed intention interval. These differences are summarized as follows:

To see the results and read the rest of this article visit Adam’s Intention Heals Project website: http://www.intentionheals.com/component/content/article/72



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