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Biorhythms October 25, 2009

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bioryhtymAre you feeling under the weather today? Maybe feeling a bit blue, lacking in energy or unable to think clearly? It may be related to your biorhythms. Biorhythms measure the rhythmic cycles of our emotional, physical and intellectual states starting from birth. There are secondary measurement of wisdom, passion and mastery which are an average of the primary rhythms. Each measurement ranges from +100 which is the most optimal to -100 which is when you are at your weakest. When the line passes 0 it’s considered a critical day where you can be prone to accidents, poor decisions and moodiness, some say it’s a period of 3 days surrounding the 0 point.

This morning I woke up feeling lack of energy and emotions a bit all over the place, wondering why I felt like this I checked my biorhythm.  It showed my physical line at -100, my emotional line at near 0 and intellectual reaching 0. This helped me to understand why I feel the way I do and gives me permission to be lazy today as my body isn’t in the mood for too much activity.

Here are two links where you can check your rhythms, the first link is simple to read and understand and allows you to pick any date in the future. The second link is more accurate as you enter your birth place and time.





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