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Fear Mongering October 21, 2009

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sky is fallingI’m Canadian, I live on the border of the US and therefore get a lot of their news and programming. I can’t help but notice how frightened Americans are all the time (I won’t even bother commenting on the irrational socialized medicine fear). Canadians aren’t exactly fear free but our news is different,  for example- a news station in Washington reports their weather with this ominous, frightening graphic in the background with the words “Severe weather center” above it while they are reporting sunny skies. We laugh about that but at the same time it’s a telling sign of our times.

I live in a big city and I don’t lock my door, I do lock it if I’m going out for more than a few hours but I don’t lock it while I’m home in the day. However my Texas raised family will bolt the front door even when there is a party going on, this baffles the rest of us. It’s more likely that I’d get hit by a car crossing the street than someone breaking into my house while I’m home. It’s a rare occurrence, the news might make it out to be more than that but we know that’s just fear mongering.

Now we have one armageddon movie after another, television specials are put out on how to survive a nuclear war…what is this fascination with destruction and chaos? Why are so many of us waiting for a huge disaster to wipe us out? Isn’t our thoughts better suited to happy things and trying to make life happier for everyone?

I said before Canada isn’t exactly fear free, we have our monsters in the closet. For example (and this is something Canadians don’t like to admit to Americans) we secretly fear them. We’re worried that war thirsty country is going to invade Canada and occupy it one day. When Bush was in we were convinced this would happen, and we aren’t the only ones- many of our European friends think it’s likely one day the U.S will declare war with Canada. (Remember the second time Bush got in and those like Michael Moore said they wanted to join the blue states with Canada calling it the “United States of Canada” um…sorry it would just be Canada…and this worried us) But this isn’t healthy, Canadians want a good relationship with the U.S, we love their cities and in many ways we’re like them; we’re both new countries with a wide variety of cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

Perhaps we need a few more years to get over this addiction to drama, maybe in 2013 when the world hasn’t ended and the birds are still singing ,we’ll finally stop obsessing about doomsday. Maybe instead we’ll focus on how all of us can work together to create a better life for our global community.

This is my wish.



1. Jeannette - October 21, 2009

As a fear mongering American I must say bless you!!

wakingupgroggy - October 22, 2009

Thank you for stopping by 🙂

2. hemelwandelaar - October 23, 2009

We will not be in halleluja mood immediately only because of being in the great shift. All the people who never ever had a deeper look now will be forced to do so and therefore a lot of unsolved emotions will emerge. Beside that we all are coming into our body with all our energy for the first time in history – the 4th dimension and from there we master the 5th dimension. It’s like sickness – it first has to get worse before thehealing starts…..for the rest you are right – there is a lot of idiot fears over there.

wakingupgroggy - October 23, 2009

Yes I agree, there is a huge shift going on. Whether we like it or not, all of us are having to face our fears. This is reflecting collectively with so many fear based movies and tv programming. I know everything will be fine after 12 12 12, my hope is the current focus on how the world will end will be replaced with a focus on how we can work together as a global community.
Thank you for leaving a comment 🙂

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