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Addicted to Critisism? October 1, 2009

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critics3When we want to see a movie or try a new restaurant we first read what the critics have to say, bad review and we may not go. Book reviews, art reviews, music reviews…all it takes is one bad review to ruin someones career. We tend to judge people on these criticisms, someone says Joe is an idiot and then you may turn around and tell a friend that you heard Joe is an idiot and pretty soon poor Joe has a bad rep based on one persons review.

I don’t know which is worse; listening to criticism as though it’s the truth or constantly criticizing. We’re all guilty of this to some degree however we never stop to think of the implications. Criticism hurts. It hurts businesses, it hurts relationships and it hurts you. When we constantly scrutinize and criticize ourselves and others it’s hard for our true, authentic self to show through and it’s hard to have a true, authentic relationship with anyone else.

It’s time we all stop and think before we dish out the negativity towards ourselves or others. I challenge all of us to look for only the good things- try hard to see the positives for at least for one week and purpously go to a movie, show, restaurant that got a bad review and look for the good in it.

Take Care



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