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Calming Monkey Mind With Meditation September 24, 2009

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monkeyDoes your mind go a mile a minute  like a fast spinning merry go round you can’t get off of?

Monkey Mind, I know it well…think think think that’s all I do, and really it doesn’t get me anywhere because I rehash the same thing over and over and nothing gets solved. Most thinking is done by ego and ego has it’s own agenda, which most often isn’t aligned with what our soul wants.

Meditation to the rescue!

A friend of mine cured her monkey mind by spending 20 minutes a day for 2 years meditating by chanting. A form of this is called Japa meditation– where you choose a mantra and chant 108 times with a beaded rosary. This forces your mind to focus and increases concentration. I’ve started doing this and although I find it quite challenging to concentrate and sit still it does have a positive effect on my thinking habits.

The mantra you choose is entirely up to you, find one that’s easy to remember/repeat and feels right for you. I’ve provided a few links of chants for you to expore:




Happy Chanting!



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