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222, 555, 888, 999 oh my! September 8, 2009

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I frequently see repeating numbers such as 1111 and 222…sometimes it can drive me a bit crazy! I’ve thought it must just be me focusing in on a certain number therefore I look for it however it’s gotten so ridiculous that I know that isn’t the case. The number that haunts me the most is 555 and 55. 555 is difficult for me to see as it always means something is physically wrong. After seeing this number I will get a flu or throw my neck out or some other ailment, however sometimes it means craziness and mayhem is coming. 55 I believe relates to thoughts, especially releasing thoughts from the past. Today I’ve seen 555 so much my head hurts.

I see other numbers frequently and the one I see the most now are ascending numbers like 123, 234, 12345, 789 etc. These I started seeing a month ago. If I see descending numbers it’s always 321 or 210. In addition I see 909, 808, 919. 818, 888 and 999 a lot and these also started a month ago.

Using my new favorite oracle cards and my own observations… I’ve learned what some of these numbers might be trying to tell me… I believe the numbers mean different things for different people, however each number carries a vibration that is universal.

1111 or 111: Spirit numbers or ascension numbers, like a reminder that’s my path and mind my thoughts and actions and a reminder to create what I want

222: I’m not clear about this number however I think it might mean honor my feminine side and/or friendships (I plan to do a reading on just this number). I’m not the only one confused about this number:  http://222mystery.com/

333: This number I usually see right after 555. The cards said it means to work at what I’m really here to do, combining gifts on both physical and spiritual plane.

444: Ascension, my energetic field is in a state of change and expansion. (the card I pulled for this is number 4)

555: Care for the physical vessel, taking care of myself before others so my body can run and function better

666: This one I’d also like to do another reading on. When I’ve seen this number it’s usually when my mind was thinking negative thoughts or I’m out of balance. I know 666 has to do with the physical plane, material nature of things. I think it sometimes means I’m out of balance and I need to focus on mundane daily tasks, material things or that I’m focusing too much on material things. This one is as difficult as 222 to figure out and I will post again when I get it.

777:  Vibration and pure energy, what I think say or do has an effect on this planet therefore to keep intentions on highest good. Traditionally 7 is a spirit number and pertains to God.

888: I know this number has to do with the cyclical nature of things, infinity and an upward motion, a coming to an end of one cycle to start a new one.

999: A cycle has ended…I have seen 999, 919, 909, 99 so much the past few weeks and I’m not alone, some of my friends said they have seen it also. I know the 999 portal is coming up september 9 09…what that means I’m not sure however some say it’s the final wave of the ascension process.

000: Another number I started seeing recently and I know this one means starting at 0. Like a computer reboot I’ve been reset to start fresh, it’s a return to source…I will let you know how this number plays out.

See these numbers also? Let me know what they mean for you, I’d love to hear your stories.



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